What is a cable railing? A cable railing is a hand railing which uses a steel cable wire rope infill. It is used both as a decorative railing as well as a functional barrier for better sightlines. It can be implemented indoors or outdoors on railings, stairways, fences, docks, etc.

The cable railing design derived from the marine community. Many sailboats are rigged using stainless steel cable and fittings. Sailboats use cable for mast stays and safety lifelines. This marine style has become very popular in the architectural world, allowing architects and designers the ability to create minimal, sleek handrailings, barriers, lighting displays and supports.

Once only popular on the American coasts, cable railings have spread throughout the country because of their vast functionality and minimal appearance. These types of railings were often seen on the patios and balconies of million dollar homes on the coast, but now can be found on small lakes, rivers, wooded areas and other types of vistas. Even the Dallas Cowboys installed cable railings in their $1.2 billion AT&T Stadium to help improve sightlines for their fans.

The main objective of the cable handrailing is to improve wonderful views while making safe barriers for children and pets.