3/16″ Extra Long Threaded Terminal


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Stainless Steel Extra Long Threaded Terminal for 3/16″ Cable Extra Long Threaded Terminals provide tensioning for your cables and is typically used for longer runs where more tensioning ability is required. These Terminals have 7-5/8″ of take-up and are the most traditional way of installing a cable railing and are paired with a second Terminal, a Deck Toggle or a Stemball Swage. They can be used in any type of end post: wood posts, aluminum or steel and are good for indoor or outdoor applications. The Terminals are T316 “marine grade” stainless steel and include a Stainless Hex Nut. The Terminal hand-crimps onto the ends of your cable runs using a Hand Crimper Tool.

Overall Length of Terminal = 10″

Thread Diameter = 1/4″-20

Thread Length = 7-5/8″

Drill hole size = 5/16″

Stainless Steel Washers are recommended for wood posts. The terminals can be finished off with Stainless Cap Nuts, Colored Vinyl Caps or decorative Stainless Dome Caps.