3/4″ Square Silver Aluminum Pre-Drilled Pickets with Mounting Brackets for 1/8″ Level Cable Railings


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Having proper cable spacing on a cable railing is critical for safety and to meet International Building Codes. Upright pickets or posts are recommended every 3-feet to 4-feet to minimize cable deflection on any cable railing system you install. Use the VistaView 3/4-Inch Square Silver Aluminum Pre-Drilled Pickets to be sure your railing is functional, as well as safe and secure.

These silver anodized pickets are 42” high and meant to be cut down on site to fit your railing height (check local building codes for recommended railing height). They come pre-drilled at 3-1/8” on-center (13 holes), specifically for 1/8” cables (pickets can be drilled out further to accommodate 5/32” or 3/16” cable installations as well). Included are two surface-mounting brackets and mounting screws which the hollow picket slides over to hold in place.