3/4″ Square Black Aluminum Pre-Drilled Pickets with Mounting Brackets for 1/8″ Stair Cable Railings


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Having proper cable spacing on a cable railing is critical for safety and to meet International Building Codes. Upright pickets or posts are recommended every 3-feet to 4-feet to minimize cable deflection on any cable railing system you install. Use the VistaView 3/4-Inch Square Black Aluminum Pre-Drilled Pickets for Stairs to be sure your railing is functional, as well as safe and secure.

These black powder-coated pickets are 50” high and meant to be cut down on site to fit your railing height (check local building codes for recommended railing height). They come pre-drilled with offset, elongated holes at 3-1/8” on-center (12 holes), specifically for 1/8” cables (pickets can be drilled out further to accommodate 5/32” or 3/16” cable installations as well). The elongated holes work well with any standard stair angles. Included are two surface-mounting brackets and mounting screws which the hollow picket slides over to hold in place.