1/8″ VistaView Black Oxide Stainless Cable Railing Assembly Kits for Metal Posts




Introducing the all-new 1/8″ VistaView Black Oxide Stainless Steel Cable Railing Assembly Kits. These kits are a great-looking, easy to install cable railing system. The standard assemblies eliminate all of the typical hassles of cable railing installations. Install these cable railings to improve sightlines and better enjoy your view!

The assemblies include: 1/8″ 1×19 black oxide stainless steel cable (T316) with a black oxide stainless threaded terminal machine pressed on one end, a SwiftCatch fitting (to receive the bare end of the cable), a washer nut (for tensioning), a flat stainless steel washer, colored caps (black plastic) or decorative stainless caps (either black oxide stainless or standard brushed stainless). The threaded terminal provides proper tensioning for your runs and the SwiftCatch holds the cable in place on the opposite end post. Both ends are hidden within end posts creating a sleek, clean look of the cable coming out of the post. Please note that the SwiftCatch and Washer Nut are not black oxide because they will not be visible. Every visible component has been black oxided.

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